Senior Software Engineer @ Live Oak Technologies

About Me

I am an avid software engineer and gamer. I've been working in the web landscape with numerous languages and tools as well as spearheading a small development team in an agile work environment. I've also worked as the sole engineer architecting iOS application solutions backed by Rails powered web servers using the secure PostgreSQL database. I've worked on the infrastructure for a discussion based website. Updated the features of an iOS application that rewards people for volunteering their time. I've built a video streaming solution for Living Scriptures, Inc. to distribute their library of numerous animations to their customers in new ways. In addition to the previous past projects, I've also build a social news application that will provide users with a new way to view the events happening around the world.

My current position has me building out solutions for The Honest Company's online eCommerce platform. These range from customer service tools, backend financial data or managing a MuleSoft suite of ETL pipelines to connect various aspects of the business.

In my free time I spend it with my lovely wife and brand new little boy, Oliver. When not busy with my family I spend time researching and learning new techniques or languages as well as exploring some of the nuances of the languages that I use regularly. I enjoy writing small tools that I use regularly as well as experimenting with both 2D and 3D game development. When I'm not developing or learning anything I enjoy playing video games, which is where my original desire to develop software stemmed from.