I am a Software Engineer

Located in Austin, TX

I am an avid software engineer always striving to learn new things. I rise to the occasion and tackle any problem placed before me. The things that interest me the most are programming languages, machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts.


I've worked with a variety of tools at work and in my personal projects. I'm a full stack engineer, and I've done a variety of additional roles, I've worked as a mobile engineer for iOS apps, I've built web services/APIs from the ground up in Ruby/PHP/Javascript and I've done some minor DevOps work in setting up and managing servers in AWS/Digital Ocean.


Ruby, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, Objective-C, Swift, C/C++, Lua, PHP


git, Rails, Node (various), Flask, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Neo4j, nginx, Docker, AWS, Digital Ocean, Bazel, gRPC, Protocol Buffers (protobuf)

Work Experience


Senior Software Engineer / Jun 2023 - Present

  • Drive planning and development of the platform (web-based) infrastructure that powers the native Enduvo Application.
  • Build out the UI elements to bring users to the web to perform basic management tasks.
  • Drive tRPC/TypeScript adoption migrating from single server deployment to lambda-based service deployment.


Senior Software Engineer / Apr 2023 - Jun 2023

  • Established formal design/planning for new features.
  • Aided in coordinating development of new bundle feature across distributed team members.
  • Established documentation practices for team workflows, patterns, and platform behaviors.


Software Engineer | Nov 2021 - Mar 2023

  • Quickly ramped up doing Accessibility reviews of team products nearing deployment.
  • Worked with Marketing teams to design solutions specific to their needs.
  • Contributed to in-house beta testing.
  • Worked closely with distributed team members.
  • Designed and built solutions to replace Google Sheets used by marketing teams.


Senior Software Engineer | July 2020 - Nov 2021

  • Focusing primarily on business-focused remote notaray portion of the Application.
  • Helped in slowly rebranding the LiveOak platform as DocuSign.
  • Pushed to adopt DocuSign standard styling in our front-end designs and UI components.
  • Helped orchestrate and design means by which we could use internal DocuSign libraries.
  • Worked to integrate with DocuSign's identity verification platform.

Liveoak Technologies (Acquired by DocuSign)

Senior Software Engineer | Nov 2017 - July 2020

  • Worked on highly concurrent conferencing software targeted towards businesses.
  • Helped design and build the UI redesign/rebuild in React.
  • Integrated with OpenTok and React to create WebRTC video/audio conferencing capabilities.
  • Drove design and development of the React front-end to ensure that it was simple and easy for developers to onboard and modify.
  • Reverse engineered DocuSign formula behavior and optimized execution for large forms with thousands of fields.

The Honest Company

Senior Software Engineer | Nov 2015 - Oct 2017

  • Helped build out back-end and front-end features on the Honest website.
  • Designed and helped built and deploy a new payment processing service that was failure tolerant and easy to debug (600% improvement in debugging time).

The New Office, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer | Jan 2015 - Nov 2015

  • Worked to build client solutions in NetSuite based on project requirements.
  • Met regularly with clients to update on progress and issues.
  • Worked with clients on-site when necessary.
  • Ramped up quickly on NetSuite customizations and became a knowledge source in the company.
  • Worked to transition from primarily waterfall design to agile development.
  • Helped begin the redesiging process for their in-house data management product.

Twin Engine Labs

Software Engineer | May 2013 – Jan 2015

  • Designed and developed iOS applications backed by Rails JSON APIs.
  • Work closely with clients determining the needs their needs and trying to find the quickest path to release of their applications.
  • Pushed to branch into Web-only applications and Android applications in addition to just iOS clients.
  • Worked on a variety of applications applying new tools.
    • Worked on a graph-based social networking solution by building a recommendation engine.
    • Worked on a Netflix-like application for delivering a client's extensive video library on-demand to users paying subscription fees.
    • Integrated with customer platforms and APIs.
    • Built a COPPA-compliant parent-controlled messaging service for children.
  • Worked closely with and trained a client on how to grow and maintain their application once the contract was completed.
  • Mentored local students in iOS application development for school projects.

Logic Nation, Inc.

Development Team Leader | Dec 2011 – May 2013

  • Worked as a web developer on the PHP back-end and JavaScript front-end.
  • Quickly rose to lead-developer driving implementation of core features as the social netowrk evolved and changed.
  • Pushed for transition to Node.js and CoffeeScript which allowed the team to work more quickly and leverage a more real time application with Socket updates.
  • Integrated new web technologies for server side rendering.
  • Experimented with building a web server with implementation and configuration being nodes in a Graph Database.
  • Set up initial deployment of the platform and established practices for the team to follow.
  • Mentored employees on the Node back-end and CoffeeScript programming language.

New Tech Computer Systems

C# Developer (Intern) | Sep 2011 – Dec 2011

  • Built sample applications demonstrating knowledge and skill with C# and libraries.
  • Automated a permissions creation/entry pattern into a database that was a convoluted manual process.
  • Designed and developed a scheduling system for nursing homes complete with calendar in the core application allowing customers to schedule internal resources, employees, and patient for specific events.


Louisiana State University in Shreveport

(Additional Education) - Computer Science | 2013 – 2013

Additional learning to advance my knowledge, specifically in Game Development with Unity3D (C# scripting).

Bossier Parish Community College

Associate of Science (AS) - Computer Science | 2010 – 2012

Tyler Junior College

None - Computer Science/Video Game Development | 2006 – 2007