My career overview and information about my skills.

I am a Software Engineer

Located in Austin, TX

I am an avid software engineer always striving to learn new things. I rise to the occasion and tackle any problem placed before me. The things that interest me the most are programming languages, machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts.


I've worked with a variety of tools at work and in my personal projects. I'm a full stack engineer, and I've done a variety of additional roles, I've worked as a mobile engineer for iOS apps, I've built web services/APIs from the ground up in Ruby/PHP/Javascript and I've done some minor DevOps work in setting up and managing servers in AWS/Digital Ocean.


Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Python, Objective-C, Swift, C/C++, Java, Lua, PHP


git, Rails, Express, Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Neo4j, nginx, apache, Docker, AWS, Digital Ocean, Bazel, gRPC, Protocol Buffers

Work Experience


Software Engineer | Nov 2021 - Present

Working at Google presents a unique set of challenges, not only is their internal development environment wholly unique but the target audience for most products requires thought into scaling solutions not just to support a certain throughput but also across regions for low latency and redundancy. My role has me working with talented people working on internal tools to support Google's marketing roles within the company.


Senior Software Engineer | July 2020 - Nov 2021

Continuing the same great work that Liveoak was focused on, bringing digital collaboration features to remote assisted workflows now on board with DocuSign.

Liveoak Technologies (Acquired by DocuSign)

Senior Software Engineer | Nov 2017 - July 2020

Working on technology to enable a quick and secure means for which companies can get in touch with their customers to perform remote interviews involving document sharing and document signing without having to have all parties present in person.

The Honest Company

Senior Software Engineer | Nov 2015 - Oct 2017

Work with a large team to build out features for that empower employees to speed up their daily routines with automated or powerful tool solutions. Work within a heavily tested code base deployed to a large amount of users.

Since working for Honest I've helped improve their back-end tool set, migrate to Braintree as a payment provider including building a micro-service to handle large amounts of charge requests asynchronously and in an idempotent and safe to recover manner (a job can be tracked and recovered an any stage in it's pipeline).

I've worked to improve other financial features of the website along the charge pipeline for orders.

The New Office, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer | Jan 2015 - Nov 2015

Produce software customization to the NetSuite platform requested by clients,
analyze the code written per customization and find every opportunity for
repackage or reuse amongst the development team. Bring agile software development practices into the company to help refine the client initiation to project completion pipeline and keep clients informed of progress in transparent and interactive way.

Twin Engine Labs

Software Engineer | May 2013 – Jan 2015

Meet and discuss ideas with clients, aid in solidifying the technical requirements for the client's requirements. Build and deliver estimates to the client containing a breakdown of all known obstacles with associated point cost and rough time line. Work directly with designers to integrate technical needs into the designs and build the application with the finalized design assets. Manage and produce client applications from the beginning of the project to the end when the final product is delivered to the application. Some of these client projects allowed me to work with streaming media through the Wowza Media server, which included live streaming from mobile to mobile devices. Building secure, COPPA compliant messaging platforms (request security for the web site). In addition to these unique product's each application built also required an API to back the application (for long term storage, etc..) which we built with a RESTful interface in Rails.

Logic Nation, Inc.

Development Team Leader | Dec 2011 – May 2013

Started as a Web Developer, promoted to Team Leader and now manage a team of 3. Write integral system components to the website and maintain the server infrastructure to keep the site functioning properly. Integrate with social media such as Twitter. Built framework for API server to interface with upcoming mobile application with PHP that handles incoming requests and routes them to a lightweight MVC framework. Based on REST protocol. Wrote core modules to the website for others to build from. Wrote the base starting point for the Node.js web server that we use at work using CoffeeScript and Express.js. Worked on a side project writing a web framework for Node.js that interacted with Neo4j Graph Database.

New Tech Computer Systems

C# Developer (Intern) | Sep 2011 – Dec 2011

I built a Scheduling System for their product with the tools provided by the Developer Express suite (while learning C#) and incorporated it with their SQL Server.


Louisiana State University in Shreveport

(Additional Education) - Computer Science | 2013 – 2013

Additional learning to advance my knowledge, specifically in Game Development with Unity3D (C# scripting).

Bossier Parish Community College

Associate of Science (AS) - Computer Science | 2010 – 2012

Tyler Junior College

None - Computer Science/Video Game Development | 2006 – 2007

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